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I can’t say I wasn’t completely crushed yesterday when I found out we weren’t going to Peanut Butter & Co for lunch anymore.

Why did we opt out of eating at heaven on Earth??  Well

Gus’ friend is in town and wanted to meet us at The Shake Shack for lunch.  I was being a “supportive” girlfriend and pretended like it was TOTALLY fine.

All I could think about while I was eating this ehhhh tasting New York Dog…

(With krout and some bizarre salsa– also had a few bites of boyfriend’s corndog and B&W shake)

…was about all of THIS that I was missing out on.

However, boyfriend said we will go later on in the week (to be honest, he wants to go as badly as I do), and he always makes good on his promises.  I GUESS I’ll accept that… 😉

After lunch with friends, we walked around central park for a good hour or so, snapping a few pics along the way

I swear I’m not THAT short!

After our little waltz around The Park, our friends suggested we go to Levian Bakery in the UWS.   I had heard of the bakery on The Food Network a few times, so we headed on over to check it out.

The second you walk in the door of this bakery, your heart stops from the smells.  It’s like someone smothered your senses with chocolate and fresh cookies.

These cookies?? The size of your face.

The taste?  Heavenly.

We were getting a bit tired and had a birthday party to go to later in the evening, so we stopped at my apartment, changed, and headed to the Hudson River for some reading/ relaxing time.

We set up a little blanket, brought some books, and here was our view 🙂

Life’s tough.

The rest of the night was spent at dinner at Vapiano (a pretty restaurant, average food), followed by my friend’s birthday at The Central Bar.  Lighting was bad, and drinks were flowing, so I didn’t manage to snap any pictures worth posting.


Today’s a new day in the city 🙂

When the weather is this nice, are you more of a shorts, skirt, or dress person?

All of yesterday was spent traveling.
In the smallest plane.

Photo by Nigel Howarth

And while I’ll be seriously missing out on this…
Crabbing in the OBX 🙂

I’m seriously THRILLED to be back here…

Photo by Concierge

Oh… AND… Gus is here 🙂

He’s only here for a week, and I’m already sad to see him go.

Our plans today include the Peanut Butter & Co Factory for some to-go PBJ sandwiches, Central Park (to consume!), lots of walks, lots of drinks hydration, and a friend’s birthday party in East Village tonight.

Today?? Is a good, good day.

This beachy-vacation weather has been so relaxing compared to the wild atmosphere of New York… but oh how I do love that atmosphere 😉  I’ll miss these lazy days spent in North Carolina.

Another thing I’ll be missing??  My little girl– Loki 😀

I rescued this girl from a shelter a few years ago as an undergrad, and she follows me EVERYWHERE.

Unfortunately, last month I moved from a pet-loving apartment to an anti-pet apartment in The Village.  She stays with my ‘rents for the time being and boy do we miss each other…  but it’s okay because she loves the company of their dogs!!

 The Pooch Trio!!  Quite the menagerie, eh?

These dogs mean the world to me, and living in a space without them is difficult.  I grew up surrounded by dogs, so it takes a lot of time to get used to coming home without being bombarded with doggie kisses, paws, and general all over l-o-v-i-n’!

Even as I write this post, Loki is sitting on the couch across from me creepily peering lovingly gazing at me with those buggy sweet chihuahua eyes.  So much love, sista.  So much love.

Other than dogs, my day was filled with a fishing trip at the newly renovated Jennette’s Pier, I finished reading Michael Pollan’s In the Defense of Food (highly suggest!), then went to dinner with the ‘rents to celebrate my mom’s birthday.

Successful day, successful vacation.

Can’t wait to see Gus tomorrow in New York!  He leaves California at 7am, so hopefully he won’t be super cranky when he lands 😉

He’s just a foot and a half slightly taller than I am.

Off to read blogs for a bit with a little bit of THIS by my side…

Where would you want to go if you were visiting New York City for a week?

I’m trying to think of fun places to take him!

Buenos dias!!

Last night I slept like a baby.  Like a little infant.  It was unreal, so naturally I had to take advantage of my well rested state and go for a longgggg run, right?

FALSE.  It was so humid that I thought I had sleep-walked myself into the bathtub without realizing it.  Instead, I enjoyed a nice walk on the beach.  Probably better for my tendonitis anyways… optimism success!

Today is my last day in North Carolina before I head back to NYC.  As sad as I am to be leaving the beach and mi familia, I’m excited to get home.  Mostly because my main man is coming to New York tomorrow to visit me tomorrow for a week 😉  He and I met in undergrad and have more or less been together in love ever since.  Can’t WAIT to see his pretty face (and have someone to go on dinner dates with)!!!

GOOD Eats Time —
Overnight oats for breakin’ the fast.  In the mix: packet instant oatmeal (not my first choice, but all the ‘rents had), 2/3 c almond milk, dollop of greek yog, mashed up strawbs, half a naner,  about a cup of Kashi, sprinkled with cocoa powder.  Standard 2 cups of coffee with caramel macchiato creamer.

I love making food look pretty… Fancy dish-ware?  Count me in.

Look at that cocoa powder… I accidentally inhaled some of it, but it was totally worth it.

That’s all for now.  Heading out fishing with the ‘rents for my last day here 🙂  I’ll probably just sit and read my Kindle (<— BEST PURCHASE EVUHHH) while my pole dangles in the water.  Hopefully iced coffee margaritas will be incorporated some way or another ?!

Anyone else go out of their way to “plate” their food?  

I just think it adds SO much to a meal!

What could be better than a day in the sun with the people (and pets!) you love most?

  Very few things, my friends… very few things…
OH WAIT… It can get better when it all concludes with THIS –>

A bit of Disney Monopoly and
a) 1 Margarita
b) 1 Martini
c) Red Wine

It’s bizarre getting older and drinking with parents.  I’m still weirded out by it getting used to it..?

Either way, today was incredibly fun and MUCH needed after the week I just had.
Luckily, sunsets tend to help with stress.

Since this blog is so new (umm… as of this morning) I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume it’s safe to say that none of you know the back story as to why I’m even on this unexpected yet FANTASTIC vacation with my parents.

Short and simple version?  Identity theft happened last week.  Ouch.
I freaked, left NYC for Philly (where my ‘rents live) to deal with the situation, and they decided we should all take some time to relax in our home in NC.  Not sure about you.. but I’m not one to pass up a free vacation, especially when it involves my fantastic parents 🙂  Aren’t they cute?!

Moral of the story, today was lovely, and I am thankful.

Oh … and I had some delightful treats along the way, as well 😉

Good Eats Time–

Lunch was wonderful!  We went to Poor Richard’s Sandwich Shop in Manteo, and I had a turkey breast sammy on wheat with a side salad.  I ended up wedging the chips in between the sandwich  layers because it just makes everything… well… BETTER!

For dinn, I chefed it up for the ‘rents.  What did I concoct?  Just a tasty delight of Indian lentils, rice (buried under my pile of lentils), naan, and a salad.

I think it’s the dietitian in me that always makes sure greens are available during each meal… even though I don’t always eat them.  Tonight?  They went essentially untouched (I decided my empty stomach space was going to be devoted to a second helping of lentils AND dessert).

Dessert happened… twice… neither of which was photographed.
Both of which were thoroughly enjoyed.  Win!

Over night oats are awaiting me in the morning :-D.  Double win!!

Is there anything you feel you have to include in a meal to make it a “meal”?
I MUST have greens.  My mom always included them, so I think it’s something I inherited.

Good night!  I’m off to explore the world of bloggery for a bit before bed.

My first real post!  Such excitement, such fun, such… PRESSURE.  Usually I’m pretty good with words and writing in general, but something about knowing that the second I hit “publish” the ZERO people who read this everyone can read this is S-C-A-R-Y!  Oh well.. you’ll just have to deal with my errors and rambling 😉

So right now I’m on vacation in North Carolina for a much needed escape from the craziness that is New York City.  The weather is fantastic this morning– sunny, 80 degrees, super humid, with a light breeze, BUT the greatest thing about being here is the ability to go for a run without being afraid of death-by-cab-impalement!  Needless to say, I just snuck in a little 2 mile run, 2 mile walk back before I get ready to head down to the beach.

Good Eats Time—
Fueled up for my run with this little number: Bed of greens, fried pepper and onion, fried egg topped with cilantro and ketchup, all seasoned with cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, S&P.  Of course, COFFEE with butter pecan creamer 😀

Post run, I re-fueled with a Banana topped with Smuckers Crunchy Natural PB.  So good, but totally forgot to snap a picture.  Hey…. I’m still new at this whole food blogging thing!

Before I head off to the beach, I’m going to check out a few blogs and leave some comments… no more creepy blog reading for me!  Finally, I can comment on all those blogs I love!

Be back later today with some more Good Eats… have a lunch planned in Manteo (an ADORABLE town in the OBX) and a lovely vegetarian dinner planned for this evening cooked by yours truly 🙂

Any other “strictly readers” out there who feel creepy knowing the ins and outs of bloggers lives without ever commenting?  Or was I the only one?
Either way, now I get to creep AND participate via comments 😉 woooohoooo!!