Hello everyone!  I’m Sarah — a 20 something year old graduate student about to embark on my Dietetic Internship to become an RD.  Dietitians are infamous for having a passionate, unique relationship with food, and I am no different.  I added a bit of info to my “About” section.. so make sure to check it out 😉

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve gotten sucked into the world of blogging.  We’re talking straight-up addiction!  Majorly kind of creepy, but I almost feel like I know some of the other bloggers out there… even though most of them live in completely different states (let alone different parts of the world), and we’ve never had any sort of contact… at all.

That being said, something has to change.  I have this big ol’ love of reading blogs, yet I never communicate with the bloggers themselves.  Perhaps this little venture into the blogging realm will help me fix that, eh?  Well.. that, and I think I have some pretty cool insight into food and nutrition with my background in it and all.  Plus, who doesn’t like taking a few minutes out of their day to write down some thoughts?

Either way, I’m incredibly excited to start on this blogging adventure.  Want to come along for the ride with me?  Please 😉 ?