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I can’t say I wasn’t completely crushed yesterday when I found out we weren’t going to Peanut Butter & Co for lunch anymore.

Why did we opt out of eating at heaven on Earth??  Well

Gus’ friend is in town and wanted to meet us at The Shake Shack for lunch.  I was being a “supportive” girlfriend and pretended like it was TOTALLY fine.

All I could think about while I was eating this ehhhh tasting New York Dog…

(With krout and some bizarre salsa– also had a few bites of boyfriend’s corndog and B&W shake)

…was about all of THIS that I was missing out on.

However, boyfriend said we will go later on in the week (to be honest, he wants to go as badly as I do), and he always makes good on his promises.  I GUESS I’ll accept that… 😉

After lunch with friends, we walked around central park for a good hour or so, snapping a few pics along the way

I swear I’m not THAT short!

After our little waltz around The Park, our friends suggested we go to Levian Bakery in the UWS.   I had heard of the bakery on The Food Network a few times, so we headed on over to check it out.

The second you walk in the door of this bakery, your heart stops from the smells.  It’s like someone smothered your senses with chocolate and fresh cookies.

These cookies?? The size of your face.

The taste?  Heavenly.

We were getting a bit tired and had a birthday party to go to later in the evening, so we stopped at my apartment, changed, and headed to the Hudson River for some reading/ relaxing time.

We set up a little blanket, brought some books, and here was our view 🙂

Life’s tough.

The rest of the night was spent at dinner at Vapiano (a pretty restaurant, average food), followed by my friend’s birthday at The Central Bar.  Lighting was bad, and drinks were flowing, so I didn’t manage to snap any pictures worth posting.


Today’s a new day in the city 🙂

When the weather is this nice, are you more of a shorts, skirt, or dress person?


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